101 in 1001: My List of Things to Do

Start Date: January 19, 2008

End Date: October 17, 2011


In progress

Acts of Kindness

1.      Clean out my closet and donate old clothes to Salvation Army.

2.      Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

3.      Deliver Meals-on-Wheels.

4.      Donate 10,000 grains of rice at freerice.com (0/10,000)

5.      Be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army during Christmas.

6.      Donate blood 3 times. (0/3)

7.      Follow up on old personal training clients.

8.      Write a letter to someone who inspires me.

9.      Leave a large tip for a meal.

10.  Send flowers anonymously to a friend.



11.  Visit 5 new places. (0/5)

12.  Visit Manhattan after graduation.

13.  Go hiking at Squaw Creek.

14.  Visit at least 2 places I’m considering applying for my dietetic internship. (0/2)

15.  Visit Oakley.



16.  Have family photos taken.

17.  Call Grandma Edith once a month. (0/33)

18.  Get mom and dad to go on vacation.

19.  Have my sister spend a week with me.

20.  Spend a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.

21.  Spend a day with just my mom.

22.  Spend a day with just my dad.

23.  Spend a weekend in KC with the aunts.

24.  Have dad re-teach me how to change a flat tire.



25.  Have a girls night.

26.  Go to a football game with Trista.

27.  Call an old friend.

28.  Have a sleepover.

29.  Take a weekend trip with the girls.

30.  Cook dinner for friends.

31.  Visit Kelsey after graduation.

32.  Visit SP after graduation.

33.  Visit Leann & Brandon.

34.  Visit Oakley friends.

35.  Visit Jen once she starts teaching.

36.  Go to a dietetic conference and room with Lauren.

37.  Spend a day with Lauren Zeliff.

38.  Email/Write Yanina.



39.  Graduate college!

40.  Take the GRE.

41.  Go to my 5 year reunion.

42.  Start my master’s degree.

43.  Pass the R.D. exam.

44.  Redeem Varney’s points.

45.  Buy a new laptop.

46.  Host a dinner party for other dietetic interns.

47.  Do touristy things in the city I am placed for my internship.



48.  Go one week without eating out.

49.  Organize my favorite recipes.

50.  Make Grandma Jean’s noodles.

51.  Make Grandma Edith’s peanut butter balls.

52.  Plan meals and follow for fourteen days. (0/14)

53.  Try soy milk.

54.  Try 20 new recipes. (0/20)


Make Me Happy Things

55.  Meet someone famous.

56.  Watch the sunset.

57.  Watch the sunrise.

58.  Make a gingerbread house.

59.  Fill a notebook with my favorite quotes.

60.  Get an updated picture with Bill Snyder

61.  Attend a K-State football game after graduation.

62.  Wear my rain boots while playing in the rain.

63.  Start a list of things I want to accomplish in my life (i.e. visit all continents, go to the Olympics, etc.)

64.  Karaoke.

65.  Go skydiving.

66.  Take a pottery class.

67.  Take some other sort of enrichment course.

68.  Read two books using DailyLit.com. (0/2)

69.  Go to a museum.

70.  Go to a concert.

71.  Go to a play or musical.

72.  Go to a ballet.

73.  Buy a real piece of art.

74.  Write a letter to myself to read 5 years in the future.

75.  Ask a guy for his phone number and give him a call.

76.  Write at least 3 letters/cards a month. (0/33)

77.  Tell someone how I really feel.

78.  Make bed every day for 30 days. (0/30)

79.  Organize my songs on iTunes.

80.  Deposit spare change.

81.  Set up online bill paying.

82.  Send a secret on postsecret.com


Spiritual Growth

83.  Read Captivating.

84.  Stay involved with a small group bible study.

85.  Compile my favorite Bible verses.


Health & Beauty

86.  Run a 5K.

87.  Get a massage.

88.  Get a pedicure just because.

89.  Get a makeover at Sephora.

90.  Give yoga class another shot.

91.  Get my cholesterol checked.

92.  Be able to run 2 miles without stopping.

93.  Complete all daily tasks without using my car five times (walk, bike, public transportation). (0/5)

94.  Run 5 routes from goruneasy.com (0/5)

95.  Track exercise/nutrition/etc on EPHIT every day for a month.

96.  Redeem EPHIT points.

97.  Ride Linear Trial 3 times before I graduate. (0/3)

98.  Get Lasik eye surgery.


List Things

99.  Make a new list.

100.  Blog about each completed item and change/update other items as needed.

101.  Donate $5 for each goal I don’t complete.




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2 responses to “101 in 1001: My List of Things to Do

  1. Mrs Magic

    This is a fab list! I found your list on Day Zero and thought I would say hi as I started around the same time as you. I’m Anne, I live in Liverpool, England (I’m from Musselburgh, Scotland) and I’m 28. I’m looking forward to reading your updates! Anne x

  2. Hi, I just realised my username links to a deleted blog. My blog is at http://www.deanandanne.co.uk/101

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