#11 Visit 5 new states

I made some progress on my list this week. I spent my Spring Break in South Carolina, a state I hadn’t been to before. My aunts took me and a college friend and we spent 5 days in a beach house just blocks from the ocean. It was great. I’m officially in love with the South…sweet tea, fried chicken, history. Definitely a place I would like to visit again!


Folly Beach, South Carolina…The Edge of America


My favorite restaurant, The Hominy Grill. Southern fried chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, hoppn’ john, chocolate pudding, and sweet tea…amazing!


The Calhoun Mansion. We didn’t get to go inside, but we did walk around the gardens outside. This house is absolutely amazing and part of “The Notebook” was actually filmed here! John Calhoun was vice-president of the U.S. We also saw another house that he built for his daughter when she got married. He left a note on her pillow on her wedding day that said “On your dream day, build your dream house.” He then sent his daughter and her new husband to Europe for a year to pick out furniture for the new house while it was being built. I thought it was such a cute story!

If you get the chance I would definitely visit South Carolina. It’s such a great place for a relaxing vacation.


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  1. It sounds fabulous! Well done on your progress, I hope you are well?

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