#11 Visit 5 new states

I can now officially add two new states to my list…Maryland and Pennsylvania.

hershey-visit-003 I caught this picture as we were driving by very quickly and passing a truck. Missed the Maryland sign on the way back…it was raining too hard.

I took a weekend trip with my mom to visit Hershey, Pennsylvania as I will be interning there this summer. Found where I will be living as well as figured out how to get around. Also found important places like the grocery store! At least I can eat now. 🙂

Pennsylvania was gorgeous. Everything was in full bloom and so green and pretty. We visited the Hershey Gardens and I seriously could have spent all day walking around there taking pictures. These are my new favorite flowers.


The only pictures I got in Maryland (specifically Baltimore) were of flowers at the hotel. It was raining when we drove back so we didn’t get to do much. Did see some residential parts of the city when we took a wrong turn and the Garmin got us back on the right track to the airport. What would we do without technology?

One last picture of where I’ll be working this summer…


Look for more pictures/updates of Hershey this summer!


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