#13 Go hiking at Squaw Creek

Since my trips home seem to be getting less frequent, I decided to take advantage of my few days at home to cross another item off my list…go hiking at Squaw Creek. I tried to convince my sister to go with me without success, and instead enjoyed my hike with Trista. I can’t even tell you the last time I actually went to the refuge so it was a good trip down memory lane.

Spring 2009 234

If you can read the sign it says the trail “is a strenuous, 1/4 mile”. It’s not lying. Great scenery, but definitely not an easy hike!

Spring 2009 235

At the top of the trail there is an awesome view. Trista and I sat up there talking for awhile, experienced some wildlife, and watched the sun start to go down.Spring 2009 238

Spring 2009 243

How gorgeous is this? And how great is God? It’s pictures like this that make me realize just how much I miss the country.

Overall, Squaw Creek was great. And according to Trista, sometime I need to take the vehicle tour. Ahh, the wonders of Holt County!


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One response to “#13 Go hiking at Squaw Creek

  1. Wow, it looks like an amazing place!

    I never fail to gasp at the true beauty of my home country (Scotland) when I’m home. It often makes me wonder why we pay so much to travel the world when we have such beautiful sights to see on our doorstep.

    Well done on your hike!

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