#11 Visit 5 new states

Four states down…one to go!

I was really excited earlier in the semester when I found out Wildcats Forever was taking a bus trip to the K-State/Oklahoma football game. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to cheer on the Cats while adding another state to my list. I waited for the day to sign up and called as soon as the lines opened to make sure I got my spot. The sad thing was apparently not that many people were quite as excited as me (an a few others)…and the trip ended up being cancelled…

…but I happen to have some amazing friends and we decided the week of the game we wanted to make the drive to Norman, OK.  Bobby, Brett and I set out on our adventure, had a true tailgate, and enjoyed watching the Cats give Oklahoma a little bit of a scare. It was a great weekend even though the Cats lost, but I got to add Oklahoma to my list of new states!

Fall 2009 007Our K-State tailgate…complete with purple chips and Wildcat brownies. All the “older” Oklahoma fans walked by and complimented us. The fans were all extremely nice and very helpful when we were trying to figure out where to go.

Fall 2009 107

Admiring the Oklahoma campus…and cheering on the Cats!

Fall 2009 161

I missed the Oklahoma “Welcome Sign” so I think the end zone is about the only thing I got a picture of that actually said Oklahoma. What a beautiful stadium and a great game day atmosphere!

Fall 2009 027

Only one new state left to visit….wonder what it will be?


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