#28. Have a sleepover.

No pictures, but just memories of a great evening. We had the second annual Season’s Eatings party for group fitness instructors and personal trainers who work at the Rec. Afterwards, all the personal trainers (or most of them at least) came to my place to hang out. Kelcii, Leslie, and I planned our sleepover for after the hang out time. We planned to watch “UP” but instead the trainers got into some deep conversation and ended up talking until after 1:00 a.m. We discussed some topics I never thought would come up with some of these people, but it was such an enlightening experience. Very cool. I wish we had all made time to hang out earlier in the semester and not at the end.

By the time everyone left, we were too tired to watch “UP”. We stayed up talking a little longer and then hit the hay…maybe it’s a sign we’re getting old that we can’t stay up as late as we used to. haha

I’m so thankful to have Kelcii and Leslie in my life and for the opportunities we have to hang out that do NOT include homework.  I would say we’ll probably have to try this sleepover thing again next semester.


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