#19. Have my sister spend a week with me.

The thunderstorms started December 23 followed by start of the blizzard on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We were cooped up for three days with the roads drifted shut in all directions. I’ve never been so happy to see a snowplow in my entire life. With more snow in the forecast, I was hoping it would hold off long enough so my sister and I could make a trip to Manhattan for a few days and relieve our cabin fever symptoms.

We headed to Manhattan to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Little Apple. Trista drove out for the celebration and we enjoyed spending a few days with her as well. We spent NYE playing games and catching up before heading to Aggieville to watch the “apple” drop at midnight.

The temperatures were in the single digits, but it was well worth it to see in the new year. Carina and I had wanted to have pictures taken for our parents and with several good photographer friends, we were able to do this during our time in Manhattan as well. My friend Laura took our pictures in the frigid temperatures on the K-State campus…she’s the greatest. You can check out her photos at http://capturedinhisimage.com.

We also went to a wedding while we were in Manhattan. It was a beautiful wedding for such a wonderful couple. I’m glad the weather held off so all of their friends could join in on their special day. Another thanks to Laura for outfitting us for the wedding!

What a great sister tagging along with me to a wedding of people she hardly knows. Haha. I made it up to her Sunday as we went to her first K-State basketball game where they took on South Dakota. We watched K-State power to a 91-69 victory and even made it on the jumbotron.

We finally headed home Monday after a few more inches of snow fell in Manhattan over the weekend. It was nice to spend some time with my sister in Manhattan after being snowed in…especially considering a few days after we returned home we were snowed in for another three days. I think I’m ready for spring.


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