#29. Take a trip with the girls.

We had every intention of taking a weekend camping trip, but alas school, work, and our crazy busy lives got in the way. Instead, Kelcii, Leslie and I settled for a midweek camping trip to Pottawatomie Lake #2. Not too far from Manhattan, it was a convenient place for our little trip.

Somehow our camping trip overlapped with one of the stormiest days of the spring. We weren’t even sure we would be able to go, but the rain let up late afternoon and we made the trek out to Pot 2. We got the tent set up first…

Kelcii and Leslie unloaded the canoe while I documented the trip in photos. We spent about an hour out on the lake relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere.

We got out of the water just as it was starting to sprinkle and set up the stove to cook some grub. Kelcii was the master chef and made some fabulous hot dogs.

By this time, the rain started come down more so we passed time by playing Speed Scrabble. You can definitely tell we are dietetics students when we came up with words like crepes, raisins, and roux. We gave up on our game and made s’mores…improvising with what we had. Oh, the memories.

It stormed ALL night long and we woke up to some puddles in our tent. Everything was damp…our pillows, blankets…quite the adventure. Hopefully we can make it out to Pot 2 for a quick canoing trip before we all graduate and move away.


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  1. I really like your list. Brilliant idea.

    Also, if you wanna play more Speed Scrabble, you can play it online.

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