Other Updates

A few other tasks I’ve been able to cross off my list since graduation…

#21. Spend a day with just my mom.

My sister was cheering on the team at state track, so my mom and I ventured to Kansas City for some shopping. We ate lunch at Andre’s, a favorite place of my great aunts. They make amazing chocolates. One of the few vivid memories I have of my great aunts is eating chocolate truffles at their house. We got some and they taste just like I remember! We had a great day together and I enjoyed the quality time.

# 31. Visit Kelsey after graduation. & #33. Visit Leann and Brandon.

I stopped by Leann and Brandon’s place last August when I returned from Pennsylvania, but apparently forgot to cross it off my list. The same day mom and I went to KC, we met up with both Kelsey and Leann for supper at Olive Garden. It was great to see them both before I take off. The last time the three of us were together was last June at Brandon and Leann’s wedding! We had fun reminiscing some memories at K-State.

#44. Redeem Varney’s points.

Finished redeeming my points and all I got was a free dessert at Bluestem and $20 to Varney’s. Really wish I had been able to start collecting points my freshman year so I would have been able to get free textbooks!


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