#11. Delaware

Sarah came to visit me in Pennsylvania! We explored Hershey on Saturday and then decided to find a beach on Sunday. We were mostly interested in catching some sun and avoiding the crowds – both of which we were successful at. Unfortunately, the beach we chose was not exactly what we expected. Ha. It was still a great day for an adventure as well as a visit to another new state…Delaware!

I had read a National Geographic article about the best adventure towns in the United States. One of these was Smyrna, DE which looked like a really cute town. I searched for “beaches near Smyrna” and came across Woodland Beach. I now understand why it is considered one of Delaware’s ‘forgotten beaches’. It really wasn’t that bad…very secluded, decent view…but these huge flies were awful. I have no idea what they were but they were everywhere! I did snap a few pictures before we decided to search out another beach.

Woodland Beach seemed like it would be a good choice as it was only 3 hours away instead of the 4 as the more popular beaches were. After the failed attempt, we consulted the atlas and headed south about 30 miles to Bowers Beach. I didn’t have my camera here, but this was also a fairly secluded beach. We could actually lay out without the bugs!

All in all it was a great adventure with SP and I enjoyed my weekend with a familiar face from home.

Next adventure? Who knows.


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