#61. Attend a K-State football game after graduation

I love K-State. I also love K-State football and some might call me a football fanatic. One thing I’ve missed about home is being able to attend K-State football games. I miss Wabashing and cheering on the Cats from the student section. One game was televised on the East Coast and I’ve been able to watch a few online, but most of the time I have to resort to listening to the play-by-play analysis.

Once K-State became bowl eligible (New Era Pinstripe Bowl), I knew what I’d be asking for as my Christmas present and this is what my sister and I found waiting for us under the tree Christmas morning. 

Luckily, we just missed the snowstorm that hammered the East Coast and landed in NYC without any problems while other K-Staters experienced some difficulty.

We spent Wednesday morning at the K-State Alumni Breakfast and exploring Times Square before heading to the K-State Pep Rally that afternoon.

Eating breakfast with Stephen Harrison's (the other #8) parents

Lots of snow!

Lots of K-Staters turned out for the pep rally which was lots of fun. Carina and I both managed to catch T-shirts the football players threw out and enjoyed singing the Fight Song and The Wabash.

Wednesday evening we visited Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building which was lit up purple and orange for K-State and Syracuse.

Thursday was game day and we donned lots of layers of warm clothes along with lots of purple and headed to Yankee Stadium to cheer on the Cats. The game was thriling and quite a fight. The Cats had a chance to win until a questionable call at the end which left the final score 36-34. It was still a great experience and I have lots of great memories with my mom and sister. I’ll still proudly wear my purple and continue to cheer on the Cats. EMAW.


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  1. So glad you guys made it – we were wondering if you had any travel glitches!

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