#86. Run a 5K

For the past 8 weeks or so I’ve been somewhat following the Couch to 5K Running Plan to train for the George Washington Parkway Classic 5K in Alexandria, VA. I hadn’t actually done a 3.1 mile run, so I was a little nervous standing at the starting line this morning.

Phil and I got up realllly early to make it to Alexandria in time to catch the bus to the starting line. I guess we weren’t the only crazy ones as 800 other people were running the 5K this morning as well.

The run was really beautiful…it was along the water and through downtown Old Alexandria – there were some really great views. The temperature was a tad chilly, but felt pretty good once we started running. I wish the sun would have been out to lift some of the fog, but it was great day nonetheless.

The last mile seemed to drag on, but we didn’t stop and ran every step of the entire race. We finished towards the middle of the 800 people, so not bad for our first ‘real’ run. Glad I could cross this off my list with my new running partner! 🙂

Now, where to run our next race…?


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  1. So fun! Running is one of the (few) things Ian and I have discovered we can’t do together, due to his fast pace and my resulting frustration. I’m glad you and Phil can be running buddies!

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