#27. Call an old friend

During my first summer in Hershey, I was scared to death. I was in a new place, didn’t know a soul, and had no idea what to expect. Little did I know I would end up having an amazing Hershey experience and made some lifelong friends.

Ana was one of the first other Hershey interns that I met and through her, developed a whole circle of friends. We did a lot of travelling that summer – Niagara Falls, State College, Little Buffalo State Park – we basically toured the entire state of Pennsylvania and the East Coast!

The last time I saw Ana was when I visited  State College for their Grad School Recruiting Event. We didn’t see each other for long, but we were able to catch up over a quick lunch and a ride to the airport!

Since that visit to State College, we haven’t talked much besides a few conversations here and there. When I saw earlier this week that Ana got engaged (to her longtime boyfriend, who I also met during my summer in Hershey), I knew it was time for a much needed update on our lives.  We were able to Skype (what did I ever do before Skype? I love seeing my friends’ faces from all across the country!) and had a great conversation. I loved hearing her entire engagement story and she was able to give me some long-distance relationship advice as well. I love this girl!

Ana’s job has her based in Florida right now, so I’m hoping to take a trip down there this fall (with another Hershey friend, Kara) for a reunion. We’ll see what happens….but for now, my goal is to keep in better contact with not just Ana, but other ‘old’ friends as well!


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