#32. Visit SP after graduation; #34. Visit Oakley friends

My visit to Manhattan gave me a chance to cross a couple of other things off of my list – seeing some of the best friends from K-State.

My very first K-State friend, THE Sarah Porter or SP, still works in Manhattan and she let me stay with here for the weekend. We had a good time reminiscing how we met in college algebra along with our other great K-State memories. We ate at Chipotle and enjoyed Sonic slushies just like during our K-State years. We also made a stop at Manhattan Hill. A hangout with SP would not be complete without a stop at GTM or Varneys for a new K-State shirt. We were really excited to find our Senior Sidewalk bricks at the Alumni Center. Unfortunately, my brick hasn’t been placed yet so I guess I’ll have to wait until my next visit to Manhattan to find it. Luckily we found SP’s brick to show off all of her hard work!

I was also able to see my Oakley friends, Lisa and Brett during my visit. Lisa happened to be back for a bit from Texas so we were able to reunite the “game day” crew for a picture. Lisa and I hit up Rock-a-Belly for lunch and Bluestem for an afternoon coffee while we spent time catching up before she had to leave. Brett and I spent an afternoon catching up and he treated me to breakfast at The Chef (yum!) on Sunday morning before church at UCC (another place I’ve really missed).

SP, Brett, Leslie and I also had a mini-reunion in Aggieville and I was able to meet up with another friend, Laura, for lunch as well. It was great to see so many friends, especially those I haven’t seen in over a year. Love them all to pieces!


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