#22. Spend a day with just my dad.

While mom and Carina were in California for FCCLA, dad and I had some good quality bonding time. He didn’t really have an option if he wanted to eat at night! 🙂

Dad treated me to supper at The Dairy Diner one night (I love the local, small town places) and then took me for a ride in the semi the next day when he took a load of beans to St. Joe. This was only my second time riding in the “new” semi, and I still can’t get used to seeing him in white instead of blue. The new semi rides much smoother and, thankfully, has a working air conditioner. We definitely needed that to keep us cool during the excessive heat warning. After we unloaded, we went to lunch at my dad’s favorite place, Hoof & Horn, which is the oldest restaurant in St. Joe (according to their menu at least). The place burned a few years ago and this was my first time back since it was rebuilt.

The food was pretty good – I felt like I was going back in time with my fried chicken, mashed potatoes and sweet corn. And I can’t forget the Triple Chocolate Cake for dessert that was to die for. My dad has been eating there for years…since he was a kid and it was cute to see the waitresses recognize him.

Sad my time at home is over, but thankful for the time I got to spend my wonderful family. I am so blessed.


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