#25. Have a girls’ day

Since I finally had more than a few days to spend at home, it gave me a chance to spend lots of time with old friends. These days when I get a chance to go home, my time is usually limited and I’m trying to cram a million things into a short time.

This summer, I had about 5 weeks to spend at home. I started off the summer as the maid-of-honor at my high school best friend’s (Jennifer) wedding. At her wedding, I got to see my other best friend from home, Trista. Since we graduated, the three of us try to meet up whenever I am back…our time together is usually short, but precious!

Throughout the summer, the three of us had a lunch date, got pedicures, and had our girls’ day. Jennifer’s dad took us out on Mozingo in his boat after treating us to lunch. We spent the afternoon swimming, tubing and soaking up the sun (while gabbing the whole time of course!).

Sad to tell these girls good-bye again, but I’m excited for our next reunion because I’m sure we’ll all have lots to share as we are each starting new adventures this year. Love my friends!


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