#50. Make Grandma Jean’s noodles

My Grandma Jean is famous for her noodles. Growing up, my cousins and I loved family dinners because we knew we would always have Grandma’s noodles. The best part was when she would make extra, freeze them, and then send them home with us so we could have her famous noodles whenever we pleased.

This was my first attempt at making noodles all by myself. I’ve helped my mom throughout the years, but have never tried on my own. For my first try they weren’t too bad, but I definitely need some more practice. The humidity made the noodles tricky as well…my dough wasn’t cooperating as well as I would have liked.

In the end they tasted pretty good when paired with mashed potatoes, chicken tenderloins, and homemade bread (compliments of Phil). Reminded me of Sunday dinners at home!



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2 responses to “#50. Make Grandma Jean’s noodles

  1. I’m guessing it’s the same recipe Grandma Judy uses. SO good!

  2. I’m guessing so as well. Wish I could make them taste as good as they do!

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