#93. Complete all daily tasks without using my car five times (walk, bike, public transportation)

Growing up in the country (and the Midwest), I came to be fairly dependent on having a car since public transportation is pretty much non-existent. Since moving to the East Coast, I have a new appreciation for public transportation and the beauty of it. I LOVE the Amtrak and am honestly disappointed it’s not as convenient for me now as it was while I was in Hershey. I think my new favorite mode of transportation is going to be the MegaBus (if I ever have a break from grad school!).

While living in DC for a month this summer, I did rely on the Metro to get me to and from work each day, but I still had to drive to the Metro Station each day so I wasn’t fully reliant on public transportation. Now, in State College, I pretty much rely on the bus to get me everywhere I need to go during the week. Parking is a major pain on campus (another thing I miss about K-State) and I live just far enough away to make for a super long walk. Having never ridden a bus before (besides the school bus) I didn’t really know what to expect, but thanks to my awesome new roommate, I am becoming quite the bus riding pro. It helps that my route is fairly easy and doesn’t involve any transfers. My only complaint is that is does get packed with students but I guess that’s the price I pay for convenience.

I’ve yet to drive to campus, so for these first three weeks of school, the bus has been my sole mode to complete all daily tasks (essentially going to and from school). It’s nice to give my car a break from all those miles I racked up last year during my internship!


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