What’s Your Passion?

My best friend wants to be a Hotdogger. You know, the person who drives the Wienermobile. Are you laughing yet?

Why a Hotdogger? Because her passion is people and making people smile. Come on, she even has the perfect Hotdogger name – Sarahkraut. Pretty creative, right?

Sarahkraut (or SP, as I like to refer to her) and I spent a good deal of our final years at K-State trying to figure out our passions. Obviously, we are passionate about purple and K-State (#emaw), but after that we were stumped.

As part of Sarahkraut’s  quest to be a Hotdogger she started a blog and created a Facebook page to gain support. I LOVE her first blog post and it was a great reminder that a true passion is something you would do for free. Read more from Sarahkraut below and be sure to “like” her Facebook page!

When I tell people my dream job is to drive the Wienermobile, I get many questions…after I get a laughs, of course. Heck, I’ve been in job interviews with Wells Fargo, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Northwestern Mutual, and all their interviewers asked what my dream job is, and, after I told them, they laughed at me. I know I should say my dream job is the job I’m interviewing for, but I don’t want to lie. I have never dreamt of being a debt collector, rental car sales associate, or a life insurance sales representative.

I was told late in my college career I need to get a passion in life and then do that for the rest of my life. I told my best friend that two professors and my dad told me I needed to find a passion in life and asked for some help. Luckily for me, she was trying to discover her passion as well, so we were able to go passion hunting together.

Part of my problem was that I had no idea what actually makes something I like or enjoy doing a “passion.” I like baking, but I have no desire to do that for a living. I enjoy learning about different cultures, but I would not call it a passion; it is more of an interest. What makes what you like a passion?

My question was finally answered, after a three-month hunt, by a guest speaker in my friend’s class. After a class, my friend and I met in the Kansas State Student Union and she told me that her guest speaker said what makes a passion a passion is that you are willing to do it for nothing. You don’t expect monetary compensation, public recognition, or gratitude. If it is a true passion, you will do it for FREE! Who knew it is that simple? But is it really that simple?

I had no idea what to say; I just sat there silent. My friend asked me what my passion was, and I came up with nothing. I asked her what hers was, and she had nothing. (If you ever want to stump a college student, ask him/her what he/she is willing to do for nothing in return. Seriously, do it. Students will donate time, money, and blood but only if they get a ‘free’ shirt.)

After months of thinking, dozens of interviews, and my college graduation, I finally figured it out: My passion is people. How generic, right? I know! I spent a year of my life trying to find something else to be passionate about, but it just didn’t happen. I like being around people, talking to them about their lives, and making them smile.

My favorite thing to do in life is making people smile, and that is why I think the Hotdogger position is perfect for me!

I hope you will support me in my dream to become a Hotdogger by ‘liking’ my Facebook page, Facebook.com/SarahkrautHotdogger. If you are feeling a little bold, you should let Oscar Mayer know you support me, too!

Ketchup with you soon!


What’s YOUR passion?


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